Loaves & Fishes Meal Served

A Loaves and Fishes meal was served at the Hope Center on October 9 by BCC volunteers.  We had a great working crew, and everyone pitched in to do whatever task needed to be done.  We served about 25 people, and prepared 19 carry-outs.  They loved the lasagna, garlic toast, green salad and of course the wonderful desserts provided by our BCC bakers. We also provided milk, juice and coffee.

Our volunteers this time were Connie Sandell, Gary Kovach, Pat and Doug Culbertson, and Jim, Andrea, Peyton and Monroe Emling. A good time was had by all with lots of chuckles and giggles. A special thanks to Jim and Monroe for being our dishwashers. You guys rock!

Food donations are very important to these meals and we thank Barb Kurtz, Marilyn Cummins, Bonnie Ilhardt, Jenny Grewal, Bonnie Scott, Robin DeVilbiss and Kris Charles.

Previous NOTE:

On October 9 we have the opportunity to serve at Loaves and Fishes at the Hope Center in Waukesha. We will leave church around noon on October 9 and plan to return at about 4pm. We will be serving at the Hope Center Building at 502N East Avenue in Waukesha.

Our guests include the homeless, those living in rooming houses or shelters, families trying to stretch their budget, and elderly persons on a fixed income, many of whom are physically and/or mentally impaired. BCC is one of 26 churches who volunteer twice a year to provide a warm meal on Sundays when other meal programs are closed. We will serve a menu that includes lasagna, salad, Texas toast and dessert.

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