Want to help? Here’s how…
As indicated in last week’s eNews, we will be preparing individual dinners for the women and their families residing at the Cathedral Center in downtown Milwaukee.  In order to serve 50 people, we will need 5 people to sign up in each of the following categories:

10 cups of chili, lean ground hamburger or turkey with beans
10 pieces of cornbread
10 pieces of fruit (small bunch of grapes, clementine, apple, etc.)
10 groups of 1/2 dozen vegetable sticks (carrots, celery, red peppers)
10 groups of  2 or 3 cookies, depending on size (any kind but without nuts)

YOU CAN SIGN UP RIGHT HERE via signup genius.

The chili should be warm/hot and brought in your pot to church, labeled with your name.  Each of the other items can be either wrapped in plastic wrap or put in sealed sandwich bags.  The Mission Team will assemble the food items at church.  For those bringing chili, we would appreciate it if you could wait while your chili is scooped into containers and then we will give your pot back.

Please drop off your food items at the church between 3:15pm and 4pm on May 1st. Cathedral Center food prep protocol REQUIRES that all volunteers agree to wash hands prior to cooking, sanitize surfaces prior to cooking, wear mask and gloves while cooking, that food is cooked to proper temperatures, and food is stored and handled safely, avoiding cross contamination and expiration. Please mask and socially distance when you are at BCC.

If you can’t drop off your food items at the specified time or if you have any questions at all, please call Connie Sandell at 414-712-3817 or Kris Charles at 802-558-7200. Thank you in advance for your participation in this activity! Your Mission Team

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