After research, discussion, and inquiry, as well as encouragement from several of you, the Mission Team has decided on your behalf to donate $1000 to Lutheran Social Services of Milwaukee for support of the Afghan refugees they will receive in the near future, which is expected to be about 200.  Its program provides initial housing, food, clothing, school enrollment for children, English lessons and assistance with job placement. Note that it will take refugees 6-12 months for an employment card.  The Mission Team is also looking into other opportunities to support the refugees and welcomes your suggestions or comments.
The Mission Team also decided to contribute, on your behalf, $250 to University Christian Ministries this month in order to qualify for a matching gift from another donor.  Since students have returned to campus and activities are gearing up, the multi-denominational campus ministry will be able to nurture student experience through free nutritious meals, faith discussions and a variety of helpful programs.  As you may know, in addition, our church has also provided free lunches to interested students a few times a year.

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