When: Thursday, May 5, 9:30am to 11am

Where: Burleigh Elementary School, 16185 Burleigh Place, Brookfield
Who: 5 volunteers in addition to Pastor Laura, who are willing to work outside most of the time (not cold like last time in January, however!!!)
Once again this year the church is supporting BEGIN (Brookfield Elm Grove Interfaith Network) by committing to 6 volunteers from our congregation to assist with food distribution at Burleigh Elementary School in connection with the Food Pantry serving Waukesha County.  This generally involves packaging of any last-minute items, loading small school buses for delivery to families that can’t get to school, and then loading items/bags in cars that pull up. If interested in volunteering at the above time and date, please contact Connie Sandell at [email protected] (ph 414-712-3817).

UPDATE as of 4/26: We would love to have one more volunteer for this event.

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