This week the Mission Team dispersed some of their mission resources.   Here is their report…

The mission team recently had two Zoom meetings to discuss the needs of our community, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
On behalf of the church, it was decided to disburse $500 at this time to each of the following charitable organizations for a total of $5000.
Hope Center – Waukesha
Street Life – Milwaukee
Despensa de la Paz Food Pantry – Milwaukee
City on a Hill – Milwaukee
Guest House – Milwaukee
Cathedral Center – Milwaukee
Meta House – Milwaukee
Bread of Healing Clinic – Milwaukee
ERAS Senior Network – Waukesha
The Women’s Center – Waukesha
In the coming weeks, we will provide information to the congregation as to how each organization used or will use the funds that we provided. Each week we will focus on one or two of these organizations.
If you would like to support any of these organizations, please send in a check to the church with the organization’s name in the memo.

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