Do you enjoy volunteering?  Are you looking for a new place to spend a few hours helping make a difference in the lives of others who face challenges?  Do you enjoy meeting new people and learning about their interests?  If your answer is  “yes” or “maybe” to any of these questions then consider volunteering to help staff Calvary Food Pantry on Wednesday afternoons.

Calvary Food Pantry is open every Wednesday from 1-3 pm.  While members of Calvary UCC staff the pantry, since 2012, Mary Runnells, Joy Wolden, Mary Feldmann, and Dave Martin have volunteered their time to help pick up food supplies and/or staff the pantry during hours of operation.  I began volunteering in 2016 and it’s been a very rewarding experience.

But with the increase in shoppers and number of family members served weekly, some additional volunteers (men and women) are needed to help staff the pantry.  The work involves meeting the shoppers and walking with them through the food pantry while they select food items and occasionally helping restock the shelves.

A weekly commitment may be too much, but if you have time once a month to help, please contact me at (262-366-4554 or


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