Love baking? Love giving your time to others?
Tuesday, February 5 or Wednesday, February 6
We have a mission opportunity for the bakers among you! Over the past year, several members of our congregation have developed a relationship with a program sponsored by the E&R UCC Church on Wisconsin Avenue in Waukesha.  About four times during the year, they offer an evening of activities for teens with special needs to have a one on one baking experience and play games with others.  Most of the volunteers are teens, but adults are always needed and welcomed, too. Our Mission Ministry Team made a donation to this program in 2018 on behalf of BCC to see this exceptional program grow in its service to individuals with disabilities.We are looking for volunteers for either evening listed above, but know for sure that we will have volunteers on Tuesday, the 5.  This activity will count as a mission opportunity for any of our young people in Confirmation Class who need to make-up a missed outing with the larger group. Please contact Cathy Benjamin, 262-825-6979 or, for more information or to let her know that you would like to join her for this fun mission opportunity by January 20.
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