Each month, on one designated Sunday, our young people will have the opportunity to focus on a story from the Bible and apply it to today’s world by doing a mission project or learning about the service projects of other organizations in our community.  In September, our kids learned about Jesus calling his disciples and teaching them about serving the needy.  Then they helped fill bags of fresh produce, such as apples, corn on the cob and squash for the Calvary Food Pantry.

In October, our focus story is about Jesus as a healer.  This Sunday, October 13, we are going to learn about the work of a service organization in our community that helps with healing children, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  JDRF is providing us with materials and children’s books that are used when kids are newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, so we might gain an understanding and empathy for kids with a lifelong medical need.

Maybe your child knows someone in your family or their class at school who has Type 1 diabetes.  We hope to help them understand how important it is to show care and concern for anyone with this medical need and how to be a good and caring friend.  Join us to discovery what is included in a JDRF Bag of Hope!

Stay tuned for more Stories & Service Sundays!

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