We are excited to begin our new Children’s Church year! Due to Covid still lingering, there have been some safety decisions made for the children of church.

The Blast kids will meet with Becca as their lead teacher on the second and fourth Sundays. The Grapple kids will meet with Becca as their teacher on the third Sunday of the month. The first Sunday of every month there will be NO church school program, families are invited to attend service together. Finally, there will be a family activity each month for all of us to gather outside (for as long as possible).

Becca is vaccinated and will be looking for a vaccinated volunteer to assist her each Sunday. Additionally, all children and adults will be wearing masks. Each Sunday the kids will come directly to the children’s wing to begin church school, no more children’s message in the sanctuary.

There will be two groups for church: Blast: Kindergarten-fourth grade AND Grapple: fourth grade-eighth grade

Here is our schedule:

9/19   ALL groups outside game day! Parent meeting after church service-outside!
10/10 BLAST
10/24  BLAST
10/31 Halloween Family Activity – more details coming soon!

We will need at least one volunteer for all dates above. High school students are welcome to help too.

Reverend Laura will be filming the Christmas Nativity story in a barn this year, the first weekend in October. More details will be coming. We will need actors to participate, so keep that weekend free, if interested!

If you are willing to volunteer or have any questions please just reach out to Becca at [email protected].

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