We have now participated in the Gleaning Project, a program sponsored by UW-Madison Extension – Waukesha County, for five years and would like to see it continued. What is “The Gleaning Project”? When you sign up for Gleaning (two people or a family) you would distribute collection buckets at the Brookfield Farmers Market in the morning (at the latest 11 AM) at produce vendors, who wish to participate. You would wear aprons that would signify that you are part of the Gleaning program. Many vendors at Brookfield Farmers Market have participated for years and they know that you will be coming. For those vendors who are new you will be able to distribute flyers explaining this project.  At noon you would return to the vendors and collect the filled buckets. One vendor, who sells popped corn always donates a large bag. There are also vendors who donate homemade bread, plus there will be in season vegetables. After having collected all the buckets, you would be transporting them to the Salvation Army in Waukesha. The directions to the site will be in a white binder, which you will find in the buckets along with the aprons. All materials, the buckets, aprons and binder would then be returned to BCC.

Parents, this is a great experience for the little ones helping them to understand how we can “share the love” with the less fortunate. I have tried to contact our young families with children via phone but have not been very successful with finding parents at home.

BCC is responsible for only 7 Saturdays so if we could have 7 families volunteer to take one Saturday we could accomplish this task and be proud of it.  Please give it some thought.
I look forward to hearing from you please call me at 262-785-9095 (Gladys Bertsch/Mission Team).

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