Cathedral Center (a shelter with extended services) is at CAPACITY, so we will be preparing and serving dinners IN PERSON for about 65 women and their families on Saturday, June 25th.  We feel that serving in person is worthwhile for both, the church members and the women and families of Cathedral Center, so we wanted to provide this opportunity for those who feel comfortable doing so.

We are looking for plentiful donations of chicken pasta salad, fruit trays, veggie trays and dip, dessert bars, beverages, as well as servers. For those serving in person, vaccinations are not required, but everyone needs to wear a mask in the building and take a quick rapid Covid test at Cathedral Center before they serve.  Children 12 and up who are serving must be with a parent (a mature child slightly younger than that can serve with permission of the parent). Servers also need to sign a volunteer form, which will be supplied to you.

Please drop off food and beverages at the church between 4pm and 5pm on June 25th.  Servers will then leave to bring the goods downtown around 5pm, in time for the test procedure and dinner preparation at Cathedral Center.  For those who are preparing food, note that Cathedral Center protocol REQUIRES that all volunteers agree to wash hands prior to cooking, sanitize surfaces prior to cooking, wear gloves while cooking, that food is cooked to proper temperatures, and food is stored and handled safely.

If you can’t drop off your food/beverage items at the specified time or if you have any questions at all, please contact  Connie Sandell at 414-712-3817 or e-mail at [email protected]  You can either sign up on the bulletin board in the Narthex or here via SignUpGenius.

 Thank you in advance for your participation!
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