by Dave DiBraccio/Food Pantry Team
Last Wednesday, October 21, was a record day all around at the Mayfair Food Pantry.  We recorded a record number of customers (49), representing a record number of family members (167), and a new high for first time visitors (14).  The temperature was close to a record too, for a mid-October day.   All of our sorting, cleaning, and bagging is confined to the kitchen, instead of spreading out to the adjoining fellowship hall. Epikos Church is currently remodeling their building, so the volunteers are outside most of the day once the kitchen work is finished.  We get to share the outdoors with the kids and teachers from Amelian Preschool, which is located downstairs in Epikos (away from the construction).  We all appreciate the support from BCC- whether in gift cards, cash, or food items.
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