The Return to Church Task Force has been not only discerning ways to re-assimilate safely, but also ways in which we might create spaces to process what we have experienced in our time away.  We are excited to offer this unique opportunity ~ A mini-retreat for spiritual deepening during the season of Pentecost: Emergence and Discernment: What Have You Learned?

Pentecost is a liturgical season of spiritual reckoning, deeper clarity, and honoring the work of the Holy Spirit. The season of Covid has been one of the most profound seasons of personal discernment and wisdom we’ve ever experienced. As a result of our isolation, deprivation, grief, and in some cases increased simplicity and contact with the earth, we have understood ourselves and what we need and what we don’t need more clearly. All of us have gained amazing perspective, whether we sought it out or not.

What have you learned? What do you want to return to and what do you not want to return to?  How do you want to evolve? What does God wish for your future? In this season of Pentecost let’s listen to the movement of the spirit and to our own innate wisdom as we gather to sort this out. Let’s not waste our suffering and our experience, but learn from it, grow from it, and find peace in it. One writer has said, “Let me not come crawling out of the chrysalis still a caterpillar.”

Join us for a mini-retreat on “Emergence and Discernment.” We will pray and ponder and share our thoughts about what we have discovered. We will make sense of this together. Our leader is Rev. Holly Whitcomb, a longtime UCC minister, spiritual director, retreat leader, and author is a member of BCC.

Update:We have a great group of people already signed up! We would love to have you! Please join us on:

Tuesday, July 13, from 4-5:30pm at BCC

Hopefully, we’ll be meeting outside (we’ll find a nice, shady spot!). Please bring your own lawn chair.  Bottled water will be provided.  Please sign up using the link below so that we can plan to have enough materials for all.



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