Current needs: Canned vegetables
Another busy week at the food pantry!  The number of shoppers (41) and family members served (133) was similar to last week when we had 40 customers and 124 family members.  Also had 4 new families!  Each week we are amazed by how full the tables of food look when we open and how empty they are at the end of the afternoon!  While all types of non-perishable food items are needed, we are in short supply of canned vegetables!  Thanks again for your continued support!
If you wish to donate food, please contact either Bonnie Ilhardt or Dave DiBraccio.  One of us can pick up your items or arrange to be at church to meet you.  Bonnie is at church on Monday and Tuesday mornings and routinely stops by Wednesday morning on her way to the food pantry.  Any and all donations are welcomed! Thank you for your continued support of this much needed mission work!
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