Back to In-Person Worship THIS Sunday

…with some guidance
The Task Force met again this week and made the determination that it is safe to return to in person worship this Sunday.  Our protocol is working and there appear to be no cases due to the exposure event.  That said we are watching the numbers closely as they rise and new data about the delta variant emerges.  At this time we do not feel the need to implement new protocol, but rather make sure we are following established protocol correctly.   Please read and be reminded of our guidelines for safer worship:
*One the positive… this is our first covid exposure in church which means our protocol is working.
*I think we need to use this as a learning opportunity.
*I think we need to continue to keep masking.
*Not only that we need to have some reminders of safe and proper mask wearing (covering nose and mouth, etc.).
*Masks should be worn in the building at all times no matter the size of the group or gathering.
*Masks should be on when you enter the building and stay on until you are out of the building.
*Respect social distance.  Not everyone wants to socialize.
*No indoor food sharing for any reason – outdoor only.
*We need to reiterate that if you have any symptoms at all (even a runny nose) you should stay home.  Don’t assume it is allergies or a cold.
*Please register online or sign in when you attend worship so that we can notify those in attendance should we have another exposure event.
Your support of and adherence to these practices will allow us to return to in person worship and continue safely. As always, the service will be live streamed on our YouTube Channel below along with the signup link for those planning to attend in person worship.
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