The Pony Express is Coming!
Starting next week a special envelope will be on the way.  This envelope contains instructions for contributing to a Christmas Prayer chain as well as passing it along to the next household on the list with a Christmas card.  It’s a fun way for us to stay connected and sharing in the Advent season.  Please read the instructions, complete the tasks and pass it along as quickly as possible so everyone has a chance to contribute.  Of course, if you have questions or concerns let the church office know and we will help you out!

Expect Another Delivery
The week of Thanksgiving, members of the staff, Leadership Team, and Liturgical Arts will be delivering your special Manger kit.  It is a gift to you from your church family with a special card and instructions.  It should be noted that Rev. Laura made each manger by hand and that the Baby Jesuses were made by our Church School kids.  Also, the swaddling cloths that wrap baby Jesus are made from an old Altar Cloth from the church.  It’s a special gift with a unique way to share in the Advent Season.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Story
Starting at the end of November we will be sharing your stories of special Christmases.  Record them on your phone or computer and send them to Rev. Laura.  All ages are invited to contribute!  Questions?  Just reach out!

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