HUGE Thank you’s!!

Thank you to all who contributed and supported our Recycling Event this past Saturday. Thanks to everyone for their contributions and support during the event.  A HUGE Thank You to Marilyn Cummins, Dave DiBraccio, Gary Kovach and Steve Charles for their hard work. Marilyn was our bookkeeper/cashier and Dave, Gary and Steve did some heavy lifting and moving stuff from cars to the bins.  It would have been so much harder without them.  Your Mission Team


Saturday, April 30, from 10am until 2pm

Put this Electronics Recycling Event on your calendar! This is a fundraiser to support missions. Items collected will have a suggested fee for the service of getting them recycled. Note the attached donation list below. The company that is supplying all of the bins and removal of the items will charge us a fee for this service. Proceeds after expenses will be used to support local missions. If you have any questions, please contact Kris Charles at [email protected] or 802-558-7200.



ELECTRONICS                                                                        BATTERIES

Printers                                 $5.00                                                 Small Batteries                    $5.00 per bag

PC/CPU                                 $5.00                                                 Oversized Batteries           $5.00 each

CRT Monitors                      $15.00

LCD Monitors                      $5.00                                                LIGHTBULBS

Cell Phones                          $5.00                                                 Household Bulbs                $5.00 per bag

Keyboards                            $4.00                                                 4’ Fluorescent                     $1.00 each

Mouse                                    $2.00                                                 Oversized Bulbs                  $1.00 each

Laptops                                 $10.00

Tablets                                   $5.00                                                PAPER

TV’s under 27”                    $20.00                                              Bankers Box                         $10.00 each

TV’s over 27”                       $30.00                                              Bags of Paper                      $5.00 each

Oversized TV’s                    $50.00

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