(by Gay Lehman)

In worship I shared the “Ella and the thank you jar story” because some of the ladies in my pew were amazed at all the coins and asking about it.  What I didn’t add was the rest of the story. Ella started out naming “categories” (animals, people, food, plants, etc.) — but she was so excited to see the coins filling the jar, we ended up listing items within each group. By the time we were done, I think we named almost every animal that was on Noah’s Ark, every food (including sushi which she loves), every person she knows, etc.!  Of course, at 5 years old she had no concept that quarters are more than dimes, nickels and pennies — she was just thrilled to see the small jar full to the top.  All in all she had 56 quarters, 20 dimes, 10 nickels, and 60 pennies — equaling 146 “blessings” from God.  She was so excited to be giving “lots of money for the people who need food”.  From the length of time it took the kids to transfer the bucket money into the big container in front of the Communion table, I’m guessing many others enjoyed giving lots of money as well.  A great and fun outreach project!

*Don’t forget to use your “Thank You” Jar as part of your weekly Lenten spiritual practice!

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