This is a weird time.  It’s uncharted territory for most of us and so we are trying to figure out how best to “be the church” in this time and place.  We are all overwhelmed with information, some reliable and some not.  We may be feeling a bit of panic, frustration, or even sadness.

The Leadership Team decided that our communication will keep us connected while we cannot not be together and we will offer a message of hope and encouragement.  You will receive a daily email and Facebook post with ways to stay hopeful, prayerful and connected.  Feel free to share these updates as you wish too.
Here is the plan…

Sunday – Worship Youtube link posted and sent

Monday – Lenten devotional emailed

Tuesday – encouraging email and Facebook post

Wednesday-  Guided Meditation email and post

Thursday – enews update

Friday – encouraging email and Facebook post

Saturday – encouraging email and Facebook post
Whether gathered or scattered we are still a faith family.
I close this daily message with the prayer from worship on Sunday…
God, we know that this is not your first pandemic.  We know that you created the stars and the heavens and all creation and so the needs of our little human population may seem so small.  Yet we know too that you created us in your own image in love and for good and that you want us to be well.  Help us to understand just what this living water is and to receive us. Ease our panic, turn our fear into compassion, and remind us that you are with us.  Help us to know that we will get through this and to do what we can to create a healthy community.  Thank you, God.  Amen.

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