Starting June 23 – We’re gleaning again! It’s fun!  It’s easy!

In 2016,  a total of 2,841 pounds of fresh vegetables were collected at the Brookfield Farmer’s Market and donated to the Salvation Army of Waukesha’s meal program through the volunteers and involvement of three churches: St. John Vianney’s Catholic Church, Brookfield Muslim Community and BCC. We will be gleaning again this year! For seven Saturdays from June 23 until August 7 we send a family or small group to the Farmer’s Market.  They collect excess produce from sellers who participate in the project and deliver the produce to the Salvation Army in Waukesha. Parents:  This is a fun and easy way to help your children learn the art of Christian sharing!
Instructions, bins and aprons are provided.  Families normally bring a wagon in which to collect the produce.  The produce is collected near the end of the market and delivered to Waukesha.  Bins and aprons can be returned to the church office on Sunday or early in the week for the next family to use. If you are interested, sign up for one of the open dates on the sign-up sheet.
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