This year may not be what we had pictured at BCC, but it will continue, perfectly, as God intended!
I hope you will join me on Tuesday’s throughout the rest of the summer, to restart our “walking in faith” gathering.
This time we are walking with Abraham and Sarah. We know God called Abram to leave his country in an act of faith,
not knowing where he was going. Does this sound familiar to any of you? Abram had a place where he belonged,
where he knew the patterns of daily life and where his extended family knew him. Life may not have been perfect,
but Abram would have known what to expect from a daily routine. All this he was to exchange for a new journey
with God. God did not say, “Get out of here and figure it out for yourself.” Rather, God’s message in Genesis 12:1-3
was that God would be present in this unknown future and would even bless him.
At the start of this program, we are called to leave behind patterns that are comfortable, even if they are not good for us and
find that we are not alone on this journey.
There will be some familiar ideas on this walk and some new practices to try out.

Here’s how the morning will go. We’ll gather at church,  9 a.m. in the parking lot. Do our stretches (some new ones), then
go “walk in faith” in the neighborhood. Afterward, we will social distance near the memorial garden for our
devotional and discussion. Please bring along a snack, a lunch, your mask, and an open mind and heart.
Blessings and may the journey begin on Tuesday, August 18th!

In good health,

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