by Rev. Laura

Thanks!!! I am so grateful for my time away.  Expect to be hearing about the national parks in the upcoming sermons.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  I want to thank our church staff who held the fort while I was away.  They not only did their job and mine, but oversaw the overhaul of the church office. Thank you to Brian Packham for coordinating the recording of the services. I want to also thank Rev. Marcia Marino for being available for pastoral care as well as filling the pulpit with Rev. Elizabeth McCord and Rev. Bill Petterson.  Bill and Rev. Holly Whitcomb also kept meditation going while I was away.  I am so appreciative of our village that supports one another.  I share just one photo from the trip that reflects the experience.  It is my daughter and I at Jenny Lake in Grand Tetons National Park. Thanks and blessings,  Rev. Laura

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