We have had some fits and starts with our little ‘Walking in Faith‘ group this year, but we are well and active. This time we are following the routes of Abraham and Sarah as we work on physical health goals and add an inspiring devotional dimension to remind us of the connection between body and spirit. Our attitudes toward illness and health, or toward challenging circumstances, can spell the difference between acceptance and fulfillment. Many times we need to change our outlook before we are able to change our behavior. It’s not easy! I hope you take the time to review some of the attitudes that you might want to let go of before you can follow through on the choices that will lead to better health in body and spirit. On our walk this week, we incorporated the “abc” game to share some gratitude for our blessings. I’m including some of the responses from the group.
A – apples, granddaughter Addy, and almonds. B – birthdays, babies, and boys. C – cats, candy, and camaraderie! I hope you try it. It’s never to late to join us on Tuesday mornings at nine, sharp.
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