As you know Rev. Laura will be on Sabbatical this summer.  The plans are beginning to take shape.  Rev. Carolyn Blair, who was in our pulpit last summer, will be our sabbatical pastor.  Rev. Carolyn has already met with our Leadership Team and staff and is ready to hit the ground running.  We will publish more details of her schedule as they emerge.

Here are some important dates to know:

Sunday, June 4 will be “Leave Taking Sunday” when we welcome Rev. Carolyn and send Rev. Laura off with our prayers of support.
Sunday, September 10 will be “Reconnecting Sunday” when we welcome Rev. Laura back and thank Rev. Carolyn for her leadership.

Special guest preachers are being scheduled to reflect on resilience as well. A detailed worship schedule and Rev. Carolyn’s contact information and office hours will be made available as the date approaches.

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