“Lemonade on the Lawn”… Everyone has heard the expression, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!’ Certainly, the past year has given us more than enough lemons. We are all excited to have in person worship on July 11. So, we’re bringing back the old tradition of ‘lemonade on the lawn’,  a fellowship experience held outside, after worship.

I’m asking for baked goods (all things lemon) to be shared on July 11. Think lemon bars, cookies etc., that can be consumed without utensils. I know many of you are excellent bakers and love to bring in goodies to share. So, get ready to ‘pucker up’ but not be sourpusses and join us in celebration. Maybe wear yellow?! Please let me know if you can bake some goodies. Thanks so much. My contact info: [email protected] or 414-640-3811.
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