As you know, the CDC has loosened restrictions for Covid protocols.  The Task Force met last night and has decided that beginning this Sunday, March 13, masks are optional and we will resume after worship fellowship.

We are so grateful for the patience that the congregation has shown throughout this journey as we sought to do the right thing for our community.  We are hopeful that we will be able to continue to ease restrictions moving forward.

We are mindful that folks are on a wide spectrum of comfort with unmasking and so we invite you to continue to wear a mask if that is what is most comfortable for you.  We also ask that folks be respectful of one another as we navigate being together in this new way.

The front right section of the sanctuary will continue to be reserved for those who wish to continue social distancing, as well as masking.  We also ask that folks stay home from worship if they are feeling ill.  As always the service will continue to be live-streamed each week and available on our Youtube channel.  The task force will meet again at the end of March and keep you posted.

Thanks and Blessings, The Task Force

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