While we do not want to participate in fear or panic, the reality is that we do need a plan for our faith family should our community be impacted by the Corona Virus.  Under the advisement of the Wisconsin Conference here are some things to be aware of…

*Please do not attend worship, meetings, or activities if you have any sign of illness.  Many in our faith family are considered part of a vulnerable population and as much as we love to see you, we don’t want to put anyone at risk.  If you are ill, stay home.

*In worship we will not shake hands or hug (that’s a hard one for Rev. Laura).  Instead please touch elbows or give a prayerful bow and say “namaste” which means that the divinity within me recognizes the divinity in you.

*Should we need to cancel worship or any other activity we will notify folks by email and on emergency closings through WISN 12.  If in doubt, just call to make sure if an event is on or not.

*We are available on line should you need to connect.  Through our website, youtube channel and facebook page you can stay up to date.  Each week’s sermon is posted.  Should we need to shut down for a period of time, we can post updates and messages through those connections as well: website, facebook, Youtube.

*Prayer counts!  Should we not be able to be together in person we are always connected through prayer.
Find more information in this article on “Who is getting sick?”, shared by a physician and friend of the church.

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