That is the question on everyone’s mind… well at least on the minds of the leadership team.  As things begin to open up throughout the State we wanted you all to know that we are taking that question seriously.  We all want to be back together as soon as possible too.  On Monday, June 15, the Leadership Team had a long and meaningful discussion about this very topic.  A task force for re-entry has been formed and we are working on plans to be back together in some form by mid-August.

Why aren’t we just getting back together now?  Some other churches are open, why aren’t we?  Those are great questions!  The Leadership team wanted to share with you some of our thought process around these questions and to keep you informed on what we are working on.  We wish it was as simple as just getting back together.  We feel that we need to do our due diligence in making sure that we can come back together safely.  Here are some of the questions that we are working to answer so that we can have a safe plan for re-entry:

*How can we assure for social distancing during worship?

*How can we make sure that the building is properly cleaned before and after worship or any gatherings?

*Do we have the proper supplies (face masks, sanitizer, cleaning products) and who will distribute or use them?

*How do we make sure we are prepared for contact tracing should there be an outbreak?

*What will safe worship look like since it is not safe to sing or even share communal liturgy yet?

Those are just some of the questions that the task force is working on.  We hope that by August we can have proper procedures in place to begin outdoor worship and some other gatherings.  Why August?  Rev. Laura is taking the month of July off and our wonderful crew of clergy who are part of our church family are stepping up to fill the pulpit.  We want to make sure that worship is safe for them and it is not their responsibility to oversee this complicated re-entry phase.  Plus, it will take some time to make sure that we do this right.

In the meantime, what can you do?  Well, be patient and understanding and trust that the Leadership Team is working hard on this.  You can continue to stay connected through virtual worship, emails and social media posts.  You can continue to support your church family by keeping up your giving even while we are not physically together so that we have the resources to provide for a safe reunion.  You can pray for our church leadership as they prayerfully consider the best next steps.  You can share your input… watch for a survey about coming back to church in the next couple of weeks that will help us enact the best plan.  If you are interested in assisting with this task force, please let Rev. Laura know to volunteer.  Finally, if you are missing your church friends, reach out.  You can send a note or email or even call to check in on your pew mates.

This is an unprecedented time on our history as a church and we are doing our best to respond.  The spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of our faith family is our top priority and we know that being together physically is a big part of that well-being.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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