Every Thursday, starting January 27 through February 24 from 10-11am

Marilyn Cummins and Rev. Laura invite you to join them for a book study that covers some of the forgotten or at least lesser-known books of the Bible.  In preparing for All Saint’s Sunday, Marilyn uncovered some wonderful passages of scripture that she was not familiar with and this book, suggested by Cathy Benjamin, offers some wonderful background and insight into these treasures that we do not often hear on a Sunday morning.  Plus, it’s an easy read.

Join us as we explore ‘The Song of Songs’, ‘Ruth’, ‘Lamentations’, ‘Ecclesiastes’, and ‘Esther’ over the 5 weeks.  We will gather in person for this study and masks are required.  Sign up at the link below or call the church office for assistance.  The book is available on Amazon at this link. If you need any assistance let us know.


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