Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting:
Waiting’s Gifts for a Different Kind of Advent

Waiting presents an enormous challenge and the upcoming season of Advent, more than any other time of the church year, invites us to embrace the spiritual practice of waiting.  We are impatient, I-can-predict-it and I-can-control-it kinds of people and now we find ourselves in the season of Advent and the season of Coronavirus. Advent will not be rushed and Covid will not be rushed. Yet if we can welcome waiting, waiting will present its spiritual gifts, especially now.  Based on Holly Whitcomb’s popular book, a mini-retreat and a series of short Advent classes examine the spiritual opportunities that waiting offers. In Advent and in Covid, we can be on the alert to receive waiting’s seven gifts:

  • Patience
  • Loss of Control
  • Living in the Present
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Humility
  • Trust in God

Rev. Holly Whitcomb, a retreat leader and spiritual director, is the author of five books including Feasting with God, Practicing Your Path, and her latest book The Practice of Finding. Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting, published by Augsburg, sold out in three weeks, and had to be immediately reprinted.

Folks are getting their copies of Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting down off the shelf and are rediscovering wisdom and hope during this liminal time. Holly has heard over and over again that this book is being used now more than ever. Here are a couple of testimonials she has received since March:

“Five family members have Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting. We are encouraging each other to share our thoughts as we read each chapter. It is a good fit for us with the coronavirus changing our lives so drastically.”

“I wanted you to now that I am finding comfort in reading your book Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting. Such a fitting book for the time we are living in. So many good nuggets of inspiration and wisdom.”

Some BCC details:

Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting: Waiting’s Gifts for a Different Kind of Advent

Mini-Retreat and Overview — Saturday, December 5: 9 – 10:30 A.M. on Zoom (registration required)  

Three Advent Classes on Specific Gifts of Waiting— Tuesdays, December 8, 15, 22: 4:00 – 5:00 P.M. on Zoom (registration required)

(It is not necessary to own the book or to have read the book for any of these offerings. However, if you wish to purchase a copy of Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting, it is on Amazon or you have an option to order it below for $10,- and pick up the book at the church office.)

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