There is a tendency to want to skip Holy Week.  It’s a busy time.  It’s spring break for lots of people who may be traveling or busy with kids at home.  It may just not be part of our regular practice.

In fact in an increasingly secular world most folks have no idea what Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are all about.  Palm Sunday may conjure images of a spring break trip to somewhere warm.

Indeed, even among good church folks, Holy Week is not always a priority.

For some the journey to the cross is too dark and scary.  Since we know how the story ends, why bother with the messy and hard parts… let’s skip right to the resurrection!

Yet, I think we lose something when we do that.  Clergy and churches have been working hard to create meaningful Holy Week worship experiences for the community because it is arguably one of the most meaningful seasons of the church year.  This church is no exception.  A great deal of work and planning have gone into the whole Lenten season and into Holy Week in particular.

Holy Week matters because our lives matter.

Holy Week matters because our lives are not always Easter morning.  Often they are filled with the Holy Week experiences of loneliness, betrayal, grief and pain.

Holy Week matters because God bothers to share this part of the journey with us.

For me this week is Holy because it reminds me that no matter what trial or suffering I may encounter in this life, God, through Jesus, knows what I am going through.  That solidarity with my suffering has sustained me through tough times.

Holy Week matters because it makes the joy of Easter morning even more joyful!

I hope that you will seek to make this week Holy in whatever way in meaningful for you.

If worship is one of those ways – here is our Holy Week Schedule.

May this coming week be Holy and meaningful for you and may you emerge at Easter morn with a renewed sense of God’s presence.

Rev. Laura

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