“​One Community​”​ – an opportunity to share

Save the date: first event on April 22

Several months ago Rev. Laura was approached by the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee and asked if members of BCC would be interested in participating in a new program​.  “​One Community​” would ​pair a suburban​ Milwaukee ​church with an urban church of the same denomination for faithful conversations about racial and economic ​disparity. ​The original commitment was only ​three​ sessions le​d b​y Interfaith.  Jenni Jones, Maura Packham, Barb Wood, Bonnie Ilhardt, Mike Mallwitz, and Rev. Laura agreed to represent BCC.

We were partnered with Zion UCC ​ of Milwaukee ​which brought a similarly faithful and fun group of participants including Pastor Andre Pirtle who​ ​Laura knew from StreetLife and Despensa.  The first ​three sessions were eye opening​, ​and we all agreed that we wanted to continue to meet.  The sharing has been heartfelt, open​,​ and life changing.  The next question for the group was how to widen the experience so that others from both congregations ​could ​get to know each other and learn together.

Our first planned event will be a pulpit exchange ​on ​Sunday, April 22.  Andre will preach here at BCC and Laura at Zion.  Andre is a gifted preacher​, ​worship leader​,​ and all around great guy.  He and members of Zion will also help with the Rummage Sale​,​ so you will get a chance to meet him​ before he preaches here. Watch for additional ​opportunities for folks from BCC to attend Zion events as well.  We are ​also ​working on ​s​hared worship​ opportunities for this ​summer​.​  Details will follow.

We sincerely hope that you will take ​a​dvantage of this awesome opportunity to gather as a diverse community​, ​to learn from each other​, ​and ​to ​celebrate our faith​ as one community​.  We sure have!


The ​“​One Community​” gro​up of BCC and Zion






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