It’s here!

by Gary McWithey/BCC organist

This is an exciting time in the musical life of BCC. No one is more excited about the arrival of our new organ than me. I am asked about the new organ nearly every week.So, here is a brief update:

The contract for the purchase of our new organ was signed with the dealer a few weeks ago. While the new instrument is a “stock” model, it is still built specifically for BCC. For those interested, the new organ is a Rodgers Infinity 361. You can find lots of information and recordings of other similar instruments by doing a Google search of this information. Rodgers Organ Company is the second largest manufacturer of digital organs in the United States. The company is located in Hillsboro, Oregon (a suburb of Portland). The current estimated delivery date is late June of this year.

I am hoping to plan a more formal concert in the early fall featuring a guest organist yet to be announced.

I want to personally shout out a big THANK YOU to all those who contributed to the capital campaign making this possible. The new organ will definitely bring our music liturgy into the 21st century. I will share more as more information becomes available.


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