From Your Organist
Periodically, I will be playing “extended” postlude works to introduce and demonstrate the new organ at BCC. This week, I will feature two works by Charles Callahan. Dr. Callahan is from the New England area and is a contemporary of mine. You might recognize his name as I use writings of his frequently.  Today I have chosen two movements from his Suite in G for organ. The first is entitled “Litany” and features many off the lush string stops on the organ. At the end, there is a brief line showing the French Horn stop from the organ library. “The Rejoicing” is the final movement of this suite. It is a feisty rendering using many full organ combinations ending with a rousing climax using full organ including the rumbling 32-foot stops in the pedal. If you can, stay and listen. The organ will be turned for easier viewing. And if you want to come up to the chancel and watch, feel free!
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