I am about to leave on two weeks of vacation.  I’m headed out on a road trip with my daughter.  We are celebrating her college graduation and going out to look for housing near the University of Connecticut, where she will be attending graduate school.

Part two of the trip is more exciting.  We are heading to Washington D.C. for the National Pride March.  Aside from joining my sister and her family who live in the D.C. area, we are going to meet my daughter’s Godfathers for the event.

While I am away I will be posting on my Facebook page as well as the church’s and that of the Open and Affirming Churches of the Wisconsin Conference.  I am honored to share my experience with not only BCC, but also the Wisconsin Conference.

So, while I am away, please check that out.  I will update the blog mid June so watch for that as well.


Rev. Laura

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