Do you remember how great summer was when you were a kid?  Having the summer off from school was amazing.  I also remember begin bored by the first week off of school too.


It seems like boredom is a luxury these days.  Being a working mom, my kids either went to day care all week or summer school.  Other than a couple weeks of vacation time, they were not roaming the neighborhood looking for things to do as I was.  Now we are over scheduled and crazy busy.  If we do get time, the hours we put in getting ready to take the time off and the work we have to make up when we return hardly make it worth it.


I long for the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.”  Still summer can be an opportunity to take time and slow down – if we let it be!  The longer sunshine into the evening allows for that walk we never have time for in the winter.  The less hectic pace allows us to be a little more casual and free spirited.


My husband Scott and I spent the spring working on our house.  With our daughter graduating from college, we had family coming to town and we wanted the place to be perfect.  Since we live in the money pit, each project seemed to lead to another disaster.  Our simple sanding and painting of the back deck, led to the discovery that our deck posts had rotted off.  Our deck was sinking about a foot into the backyard.  Not being particularly handing and being financially “all in” on a new roof, we were ready for that controlled burn from the front yard to the back.  But a gifted member of my husband’s church (a former shop teacher) equipped us with tools and encouragement and we got the job done!  I plan to spend every free moment on that darn deck this summer to enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Take the time!  Enjoy the view!  Treasure a lovely day or a nice walk!  Make the time!


Now I know that some folks see summer as a time to take off from church.  I understand and I’m not scolding anybody.  But hear me out.  Summer is a great time to take in church.  The obligation is lifted.  The rush and busyness are stilled.  Worship will be fun and free-spirited just like the season.  Make church part of your summertime ritual.  Practice a little spiritual self-care.  There is still a lot of Sunday left after worship is over.  And I even have a special preaching series planned too!


Blessed Summer!

Rev. Laura

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