It’s Rummage Sale Week!

Believe it or not… I’m excited.  I’ve been working church rummage sales forever.  And by working I mean helping out in order to get first peek at the stuff.  I’ve already set aside some treasures.  You know what they say…”One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”  (I’ve made the language more inclusive.)

I come by the rummage love honestly.  My grandmother was pack rat (bordering on hoarder) who could not pass up a bargain.  That’s how I inherited more milk glass than any human will ever need.  But the delight she had in finding a good bargain was worth it.  Her face would light up as she would show off her finds and ask “Guess how much I paid for this!”  My dad (her son) would ruin the fun by always guessing 50 cents.

I have had a blast this week roaming the halls of stuff.  It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff appears, rummage sale after rummage sale, year after year.  I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  But for me, dusty and moldy are my comfort zone.

There are two unexpected treasures that I have discovered at the BCC Rummage Sale week…

1)I love to ponder what particular items meant to the person who brought them.  Were they treasured?  Were they special?  How did they come by them… a gift or a purchase?  Where in the house did this item reside? Was it once a focal point of the home?  In doing so, I get to imagine folks I may never know or meet.

2)I do get to meet and work with some awesome people. I have had conversations with folks who are not active in other aspects of the church’s life.  And I have gotten to know folks better as we work side by side.

A post Easter Rummage sale seems appropriate – what was old and thought to be dead finds new life.

Rummage sale is community!  I’m loving it!

Happy Shopping!

Rev. Laura

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